Thursday, September 25, 2008

Metallica: Fortunately, most of our fans are almost deaf

Metallica's management have rejected the complaints about the pisspoor sound on the new album, using the time-honoured excuse of providers of poor service that "nobody else has complained":

Metallica and the album's producer, Rick Rubin, declined to comment. Cliff Burnstein, Metallica's co-manager, says the complainers are a tiny minority. He says 98% of listeners are "overwhelmingly positive," adding: "There's something exciting about the sound of this record that people are responding to."

See? It's not shitty or botched, people. It's "exciting". They're going to try this down my local taco stand the next time someone finds a finger in their chili - "that's not unhygienic, that's exciting, that is."

Still, 98% of people are "overwhelmingly positive", are they? Let's not jump all over the guy and assume that he's using "overwhelmingly positive" in the sense of "they haven't complained" here - and that his figure isn't just made up off the top of his head. That still means, on an album that's sold over a million copies, that's still twenty thousand people having a slightly negative experience - and we're using "slightly negative" in the same incorrect sense.

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