Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Metallica: New album sounds bloody awful

Not the songs themselves - that's a matter of taste (they do sound bloody awful, though) - but the audio quality on the record. Indeed, analysis of Death Magnetic by Chris Vinnecombe suggests the fidelity on the CD is so poor, you'd be better off buying the USD18 download of the tracks for Guitar Hero and recording that.

As is often the way, there's an online petition appeared calling for the album to be given a fresh mix but a cynic might wonder if the release of a fairly duff version of the record is part of a policy allowing for a "fully remastered" album in a couple of years?

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Chris Brown said...

When the last Go-Betweens album came out, there were complaints about the mastering quality, and the record company exchanged the CDs for a remastered version FOC. And what do we reckon the chances are of that happening this time, eh?

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