Monday, September 01, 2008

Not the hat! Not my beautiful hat!

Pete Doherty - he's only human. Sometimes he cries. Admittedly over his hat, but still, it's tears:

‘I informed British Airways of my late arrival. I told them I was a kind of minor celebrity and I might get a bit of hassle at the airport.

'Turns out they are complete arseholes. Even when I fell over and badly creased my hat, I had no assistance.'

‘I was crying but I didn't want them to see.'

What's most telling, of course, is that assumption that his "kind of minor celebrity status" means he thinks he can turn up late for planes and expect special treatment. Does he even count as a minor celebrity any more, though? Or does his reign officially not end until Kate Moss moves on again and he loses his status as 'most recent ex'?

Still, happy to offer some advice to Pete: if you're going to be unable to avoid falling on your hat, why not consider swapping to a panama? They take that sort of scuffle more forgivingly.

[Thanks to Michael M]


Olive said...

Er, what were BA supposed to do about your fucking hat, idiot boy? As you rightly point out, Pete, BA are a terrible shower of bastards, but I'm right with them on this one.
And another thing, how long is the flight to Australia? 12 hours? Can you imagine being sat in economy, casting a baleful eye at the 3 centimetres between you and the seat in front of you, thinking that it can't get any worse. Then, Doherty plonks down next to you, sobbing like a child and whiffing to high heaven? You'd prey for a deep vein thrombosis, wouldn't you?
Minor celebrity? Fuck off! Seen those Peruvian pan pipe playing fuckers who infest most city centres these days? Even they sell more CD's than you do!
And breathe....

James said...

"Turns out they are complete arseholes"

Translation: They looked at my ticket, said "Oh, so you're not Blake Fielder-Civil then" and told me to piss off.

Andrew said...

The Australian government let him in? I thought they had a pretty hardline policy of banning those deemed of poor moral character. (Apparently Snoop Dogg and Marilyn Manson had a hard time getting visas.)

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