Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oasis "leak" onto the net

The new Oasis album, Dig Out That Muck From Under Your Fingernails, has appeared online, causing worries for the internet industry.

ISPs are concerned that the flooding of clumping Oasis tunes online might lead to panicky disconnections from customers afraid they might find the tunes being downloaded to their hard drives by accident. "This is quite a worry" admitted one, "all we can do is to stress that proper precautions - such as not opening suspicious emails from Gordon Smart, or clicking on links recommended by Chris Moyles - will keep you safe."

There are no plans to bring forward the release date of the album - officially due on October 6th - as there seems to be an enormous supply of people who haven't been put off buying an Oasis album by knowing what it'll sound like in advance.

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Olive said...

Now, I'm not saying that it happened in this case, but there's a precedent for albums being leaked deliberately by record companies. Do you think the RIAA would still prosecute if you could prove that the files you were sharing had been placed onto file sharing networks by record company employees with permission to do so?

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