Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stereophonics pursued by police

About time too: the police are cracking down on the Stereophonics.

Canadian police were worried by the band parking illegally and drove after them, sirens blazing.

They pulled the band over, and started to search them under powers originally passed by the Canadian parliament to control Kula Shaker. Kelly Jones recalls the horror:

“What a day! We got chased by the cops for two miles – for illegal parking.

“We got stopped and searched, the bus was searched and we had to unload the trailer.

“It was aggressive border control. One of the guards started talking about a guy who used to smuggle drugs through bands’ equipment.”
“I said, ‘Are you talking about Howard Marks? He’s my friend.’ You can imagine the rest.”

The suspicion that Jones isn't exactly the sharpest cheddar on the cheeseboard isn't lessened here, is it? Who would think the correct response to a drugs officer poking about in your stuff is to list the celebrated drugs mules you have known?

Jones was probably lucky the cop didn't fancy pulling on the latex gloves. But whose compulsion to namedrop outweighs the desire not to put yourself at risk of a body cavity search?

[Thanks to Michael M]

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