Saturday, September 20, 2008

Travis Barker 'seriously burnt' in fatal plane crash

Travis Barker and his partner in TRVSDJAM, Adam Goldstein, have been seriously injured in a plane crash following a gig in Columbia, South Carolina.

The pair, relatively, were lucky: The other four people on board died in the accident. Their private lear jet overshot a runway on take-off, hitting the airport's communication aerials, before bursting into flames on the neighbouring highway.

CNN firther reports:

Lexington County Coroner Harry O. Harman said all the dead in Friday's crash were Californians.

He identified them as pilot Sarah Lemmon, 31, of Anaheim Hills; co-pilot James Bland, 52, of Carlsbad; Chris Baker, 29, of Studio City; and Charles Still, 25, of Los Angeles


H. said...

The saddest part is that the only reason they were on the jet in the first place was because Chris Baker's wife had just gone into labour and so he needed to get to her as soon as possible. He is one of those that died in the crash.

simon h b said...

That turns out to not be true:

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