Sunday, October 12, 2008

Courtneener grumbles: Radio One hates us

Bands really do move at an alarming rate these days, don't they? One album and all of a sudden they're being marked up as an All Time Great, two hit singles and they're the new Beatles. And now, The Courteeners have turned into Status Quo without going through the aging process, wondering why Radio One hates them:

In an interview with the Daily Star, the singer [Liam Fray] asked why the station's executives continue to play Kaiser Chiefs' tracks when the indie rock group "haven't got one song better than any on our album".

"Kaiser Chiefs have been on Radio 1 since day one but they won't play us," Fray continued. "I'd rather be 100 people's favourite band than a million who've just been fed it by Radio 1. We've sold out 40,000 tickets for our tour so how the fuck can Radio 1 say no to playing us? I don't get it.

"But I don't give a shit about them or chart positions so long as the kids are down the front at our shows going mental."

As James P points out, Liam can't quite decide if he's outraged by Radio One not playing his music, or really pleased that they don't, or if he can't be arsed either way. The clue to his true feelings, I suspect, is in the 'taking time to moan about it to a newspaper'.

(For the record, Last FM's data for Radio One shows the Courteeners have been played 115 times since they started collecting data - as often as Santogold. And Santogold is better than The Courteeners.)

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Chris Brown said...

Assuming he doesn't mean that R1 have been playing the Kaisers since 1967, he's close to right about them being there since day 1 - except that they did the same with the Courteeners. However, the Kaiser Chiefs went on to become one of the biggest bands in Britain (for at least a while) whereas the Courteeners have become the sort of band for whom the song title 'Not 19 Forever' may become regrettable.

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