Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Divorce is confusing and upsetting

Gordon's back on the Madonna divorce this morning, with Emma Cox helping out, as Smart details what Ritchie might expect:

GUY RITCHIE will get at least £20million in cash and properties worth many more millions in his surprise settlement with MADONNA, it emerged last night.

The 40-year-old film director gets the couple’s 1,200-acre country estate and a swanky London pub.
The total value will be around $60million — enough for Guy to walk away satisfied.

Well, who wouldn't be satisified with a big bundle of notes and not having to pretend to like Madonna's acting any more, huh?

And Gordon and Emma must be delighted to have this scoop, blowing out the water claims from earlier in the week that Guy wasn't looking for a single penny piece. The delight only slightly tempered by that story having, erm, come from Gordon and Emma.

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