Monday, October 20, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Dropping the Guy

Hilarious: Bizarre is cutting Guy Ritchie adrift, then, as even Gordon Smart runs a knocking piece about his former hero:

MADONNA’S friends have nicknamed her husband Material Guy because of his alleged cash demands ahead of their divorce.

Even Gordon knows his readers are going to spot that this is a complete swivel from his line of last week, and does at least sort-of-take-it on the chin:
The Sun told last week how British film director GUY RITCHIE informed lawyers that he wanted “not one penny” from his mega-rich missus as their eight-year marriage ends.

Ah, but you'll have spotted that Gordon isn't saying he was wrong, just that Guy has changed his mind and "keeps upping his demands".

In a surprising long quote attributed to Madonna via "a friend" but which smells surprisingly like a briefing dictated by a press spokesperson, even the couple's beloved cult gets a look-in:
“Kabbalah philosophy teaches that you don’t take what you haven’t earned. Well that’s exactly what Guy is doing. He hasn’t earned a penny of it, yet wants to take, take, take."

The thought of a cult which charges a small fortune for ordinary water and ten dollars for bits of red string suddenly having a line about not taking what you haven't earned is surprising, but I can't pretend to understand mysticism.

In what's apparently another piece placed to knock Ritchie, Madonna's wails that he didn't think adopting David Banda was a good idea also pops up in Bizarre. Although that actually is probably the wisest thing he ever said.

Still, with David, Lourdes and Rocco to consider, at least we can rely on Gordon and The Sun to be responsible in the coverage of the divorce, recognising that, really, there are no winners. Can't we?
IT is the biggest divorce since Mucca V Macca, so who do you support — Madonna or Guy?

If you want a Team Madge or a Team Guy badge, we’ve got 100 of each for the first readers to tell us.


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