Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kerry Katona 'erratic' - hold the front page

By the time the tabloids catch up with this story, I'm guessing the phrase "jammed the switchboard" will be making an appearance, but it's nevertheless true that Kerry Katona's wobbly performance on This Morning did lead some people to phone up ITV and ask if she was alright. And others, presumably, to ask why she was on in the first place:

The former Atomic Kitten singer frequently looked around the studio calling for her husband, Mark Croft, as she was interviewed by This Morning presenters Schofield and Fern Britton.

Schofield said ITV had received calls from concerned viewers while the interview was in progress.

At one point Schofield asked her: "You don't seem right to me, you've got the body sorted but your speech is a bit slurred, how are you feeling?"

Katona glanced off camera and seemed shocked as she asked: "Is it?"

Whatever could have caused that? Licking the minipizzas before they'd properly defrosted?
She then admitted her speech may have been slurred but said it was because she was taking prescription drugs.

"That's because I'm on medication at night-time," Katona added. "I had some last night, didn't I Mark?" before trying to see her husband among the crew behind the camera.

Let's not run an eyepiece over the difference between "prescription drugs" and "drugs the doctors have prescribed for her", and just wonder why, in god's name, nobody noticed before Phil Schofield:

[The video, while not entirely NSFW, might contain moments which would make it an uncomfortable office view.]


James said...

I'm not one for making sweeping generalisations (I leave that to the Belgians, who all do it). If I were, I'd suggest that Katona might be a regular 'This Morning' viewer. If that's the case, I can understand her plight. Imagine taking that mind-messing 'prescription medicine' one morning, sitting down on a sofa to watch Phillip and Fern, then realise they're TALKING TO YOU.

Under the circumstances, she did well to limit her reaction to looking for her husband. Me, I'd be up off the sofa and barricading the front door before Barry Scott let himself in.

Wendi said...

I envy the British. Their trainwreck celebs are FAR more entertaining than ours!

Tim Footman said...

Her voice is slurry, and her boobs are blurry.

Anonymous said...

I think it would have been fairer not to allow her to appear on the good morning show with Fern & philip as clearly her slurred state would have been noticed prior to going 'live' on tv, and if there was any genuine concern for her health the producers should have cancelled the audition rather than making prime time tv out of a young lady who may need help. I wish her all the best and hope she receives any support she may need.

James said...

From the follow-up stories today, it sounds like Katona was running late, and was rushed into the studio at the last minute, presumably leaving not much time for producers to spot something was amiss. Admittedly this is according to Phillip Schofield (the interviewer and one-time sock-puppet salesman), who'd be unlikely to say "Yes, she turned up at 9am so we stuck her in the Jeremy Kyle green room and told her to help herself to the complimentary meths". But it does sound as though the blame lies more with the people responsible for wheeling her around the publicity circuit (including an MTV film crew shooting her next series).

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