Saturday, October 18, 2008

My sweet Lord: Lloyd-Webber offers Eurovision song

One cheer, if that, for the news that the UK is revamping its approach to Eurovision for 2009. It's much needed, but the solution is to get Andrew Lloyd Webber to write a song, while Graham Norton will host a talent show to find someone to sing it.

Yes, they've scrapped Making Your Mind Up and replaced it with the bastard child of How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

The trouble is, does Lloyd Webber really know how to write a cracking pop tune? Let's not forget the last time he dabbled in pop the result was Bombalurina - Timmy Mallet, a novelty cover and a few three-years-out-of-date "oh yeahs". The nations of Eastern Europe are not, I suspect, quaking tonight.


robin carmody said...

He did dabble slightly more recently than that - unfortunately, the result was "Tetris" by Doctor Spin (though I *do* like "Whistling Dave" by Scooter, which is based on the same Russian folk tune).

simon h b said...

I'd totally forgotten Doctor Spin.

I wish it had remained that way...

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