Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Now that's what I call an awkward point of confusion

The BPI pop up in the Daily Mail, praising the ongoing success of compilations and, especially, Now Thats What I Call Music:

BPI chief Geoff Taylor said: 'The ongoing success of the Now albums may surprise some in a digital age of abundant choice, but it's become a well-loved brand.

'Digital music promises huge potential, but music fans still love the quality, convenience and added value in CDs.

'Retail conditions are challenging in the credit crunch, but music is great value for money and with one of the strongest album release schedules we've had for years, labels are optimistic about the market leading up to Christmas.'

But... hang about: isn't buying an album that's just cherry-picked the singles a little like simply cherry-picking the singles from a download store? Weren't we all meant to be respecting the integrity of the artists album format?