Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh good. Another music prize.

Uncut - which has, hitherto, held itself somewhat aloof from the tawdry business of reader's polls and awards ceremonies - has decided to be aloof no longer, and announced its own Big Prize.

Introducing, then, The Uncut Music Prize which will invite a panel of judges to choose the best album of the last year.

And, erm, that's it.

At least it's not gone for something flashy and showy, and avoided creating something like Q's seventy-five excuses for semi-famous bands to get prizes deal. But: the best album? Isn't that already covered by the Mercury, and countless categories in other music awards? What's different about this one?

Uncut editor Allan Jones said in a statement: "Reducing our original list of 25 albums to a short list of eight was not what you call an easy task.

"I'm very excited, though, by the final selection of albums that will contest the inaugural Uncut Music Award. The eight shortlisted albums are an exciting reflection of the great music produced over the last year and highlights the diversity of music regularly championed by Uncut.

"What happens next is going to be very interesting indeed."

Aha! So it's a slightly different opinion compared to the Q Awards Best Album, the Mojo best album and the NME best album.

That shortlist in full, then:

Bon Iver – 'For Emma, Forever Ago'
Elbow – 'The Seldom Seen Kid'
Drive-By Truckers – 'Brighter Than Creation's Dark'
The Felice Brothers – 'The Felice Brothers'
Fleet Foxes – 'Fleet Foxes'
The Raconteurs – 'Consolers Of The Lonely'
Radiohead – 'In Rainbows'
Vampire Weekend – 'Vampire Weekend'

Oh, we've been unfair - we didn't realise that the award was dignified by only being open toi blokes.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't one of Drive-By Truckers a woman? And the Bon Iver one has 'Emma' in title, and frankly between those there's enough for Jeremy Paxman to suggest that the list is dominated by women and that being a man is a distinct disadvatage to getting in the Uncut ALbum Prize list.

It'd be great if they gave it to Elbow and made it even more pointless than it already is.

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