Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The other awards tonight: The ASCAPS

I don't often get surprised by the winners of awards, but tonight's ASCAP prizes have left me agape.

Corinne Bailey Rae's Go Put Your Record On has been named 'song of the year' and even more confusingly in the arse-end of 2008, Dido has picked up songwriter of the year. Have I missed something? There's some talk that she's about to release a single later this month, but how can a year stretch so far to include the release of Bailey Rae's track and the release of Dido's new material?

Jonny Greenwood picked up an award for his There Will Be Blood soundtrack.


Mary said...

their concept of time is genuinely mind-boggling

James said...

Didn't you hear? In an attempt to protect it from the recession, the UK has been relocated to the enclosed safety of Jo Whiley's head.

Expect an official announcement later today from Prime Minister Andrew WK.

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