Sunday, October 19, 2008

This week just gone

The ten most popular Bono searches bringing people to No Rock this year have been:

1. Bono
2. Bono is a cunt
3. Bono praises Bush
4. Bono King of Ireland
5. Bono caricature
6. Bono Davos
7. Bono is god
8. Bono's friends
9. Bono Must Die
10. Go away Bono

Bubbling under is 'Bono is the toilet attendant' 'bonoisation' and 'is Bono wanking hold me kill me'

The recommended releases this week were:

Lucinda Williams - Little Honey

Tilly And The Wall - O

Those Dancing Days - In Our Space Hero Suits

Eugene McGuinness - Eugene McGuinness

Shelleyan Orphan - We Have Everything We Need

Saint Etienne - London Conversations (Best Of)

Nitin Sawhney - London Undersound

Julie Felix - First, Second And Third