Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ticket 'fraud' site closed by the cops

The police. They're not just there to run around making sure you're not putting a 1979 live recording of The Selector online, you know. They've just done a raid to close allegedly dodgy ticket agency Paperticket.co.uk down. The NME weighs the implications:

A secondary ticket website has been shut down amid fears of fraud, leaving thousands of fans potentially out of pocket.

- although if the company was behaving fraudulently, surely the ticket holders will be, at worse, no further out of pocket because the company has been closed than they would have been had they simply not got the tickets they had requested?


Paul Tracy said...

The Selecter.


simon h b said...

Would you believe I deliberately mis-spelled to confuse the RIAA spybots?


Fair enough, then. Apologies.

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