Sunday, November 23, 2008

Boyzone on film

The one piece of soothing balm about global financial meltdown is that it might just stop the planned Boyzone movie ever getting beyond the storyboard stage. We can only hope:

At his Breast Cancer Care Ball on Friday night Ronan also said he’s briefed Cecilia [Ahern] to make the “pure Irish” film “funnier than Father Ted”.

Oh, yes. Given that Boyzone can't stand still for a photo without looking awkward and wooden, isn't crafting a script which calls for split-second comic timing a bit of a risk? Wouldn't something a bit closer to, ooh, let's say Pigeon Street be better?


Simon said...

At least he didn't follow Hannah from S Club 7's example on their own film and declare it'd be "a lot like Spinal Tap".

robin carmody said...

Soulyard made far better pop music than Boyzone ever did, of course ...

(those who know what I'm on about here can feel desperately sorry for themselves)

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