Monday, November 17, 2008

Courtney blogs... and blogs... and blogs...

Courtney Love had a little splurge on her MySpace yesterday, breaking all records. She posted 56 posts, give or take, but the record-breaking aspect was most of them made some sort of sense. Given they were only reactions to clothes, it wasn't hard, but it's a start.

i could barely drag my ass into what Vogue US( wich i wont even read) and UK ( wich i adore) and FR( wich i LOVE) and IT ( wich is genius and endlessly amusing) called " the BEST DRESS OF THE DECADE" its onybeen worn once, its black taffetta called the "punk Dress" with a cross of crystals, thick with crytsals, i kept trying to say sanc

See? Sort of makes sense. Sort of.

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