Monday, November 17, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Smart on smart

They teach you at journalism school - lesson one - that dog bites man is not a story while man gets a little older, buys a jacket to keep warm? That's news, isn't it, Gordon?

WHEN ARCTIC MONKEY ALEX TURNER met TV presenter ALEXA CHUNG last summer he looked a typical Fred Perry-sporting Sheffield lad.

Now it’s like he has taken on board all the advice from Gok’s Fashion Fix, the Channel 4 show she works on.

In a double-breasted grey jacket and striped shirt, he appeared more country gent than boy-next-door yesterday as the pair arrived at Heathrow from LA.

Actually, Gordon, he looks like an indie kid who has decided to wear something appropriate for the weather. But still, you wouldn't have embarked on this piece unless you had a rounding insight with which to conclude the piece, would you? Otherwise you've just published a fairly rubbish shot of a bloke because he looks like he's decided its too cold to go out without a jacket of some sort. Share you insight with us, Gordon.

He’s certainly come a long way.