Saturday, November 22, 2008

Idlewild want your support

Shrewdly, Idlewild are inviting fans to buy the summer 2009 album now, by offering a bunch of extras for paying upfront:

By pre-ordering now for £15 (+ £1.50 standard postage costs) you will receive:

* A limited edition CD album (with free download version) in exclusive packaging and including at least one bonus track not available on the general release. This will be shipped to you within weeks of completion, hopefully April (although we cannot guarantee it), way before any general release.
* Your name will appear in a booklet with the album and on a roll-call on the website.
* You will be given access to download 15 free tracks of your choosing from live recordings at the King Tuts "album by album" shows in December '08.
* You will also have access to a members only section of the website with album progress updates, exclusive photo and video content from the recording and pre production process, diaries/blogs by individual band members, and lots more good stuff....

It's a pity they haven't introduced tiers of subscription - you know, for two hundred quid you get a song named after you; for a thousand you can have Roddy Woomble in your kitchen for a fortnight; ten grand and you get to sing on it.

As more and more bands encourage fans to pony up in advance, it does raise the delicious prospect that we might see albums charting soon before they've even been recorded.

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Anonymous said...

yep,still there are strange things happening in the business of selling music today,like it's only some rotten fish compared to the glitzy shiny world of digital virtuality.
i still spend more than 1/10 of my income in buying music,vinyl preferred,as i did all my life,but most people around give their money away for things that don't last,i.e. fashion,food,computers,vacation,relaxation,it's like total recall became true at last!

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