Friday, November 21, 2008

Left wanting: Future Of The Left cancel plans

In order to better concentrate on the putting together of an album:

"We have been unable to write the second record and we are increasingly aware of the need to do so. We want to get it out before summer so we can spend next year playing it to people.

"It is against everything the band stands for to pull shows, or anything that we have already committed to doing, and we apologise to everyone who had bought a ticket or was going to come along.

"We will be back as soon as we can next year and we promise to make it worth the wait."

They seem to be canceling because of writer's block, then. It's not just UK fans who will be disappointed; they're also pulling dates in Australia and China as well. China. It's not so long ago that western bands playing in China was such an event you'd no more cancel the dates as you would miss your own wedding.

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