Thursday, November 13, 2008

MP3: Happy birthday, Leaether Strip

Twenty years ago today, Leaether Strip formed. To celebrate, they're giving you - yes, you - a gift, in the shape of a free mp3 track: a shiny new into-the-third decade mix of Cast Away. Happy birthday, everyone.


Andrew said...

Going on what I've heard of Leaetherstrip ("Legacy of Hate and Lust" and the woefully leaden pseudo-orchestral "Serenade for the Dead"), they were one of the most ridiculous industrial/EBM bands ever. Were they doing this seriously or was it a pisstake that got out of hand?

Anonymous said...

Agreed... the two albums you mention are not among any listeners great albums... however, Leaether Strip (which is one person, by the way) has made some prettey stern stuff before the industrial music degenerated into DJ Tiesto with angry vocals... listen to Solitary Confinement, for instance...

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