Friday, December 19, 2008

All hail Posh, the fashion queen

Yesterday's Guardian G2 supplement raised its hat - its stylish, fashion forward hat - to Victoria Beckham. In a curious departure from the usual layout, the shortcuts stuff was booted off deeper in the magazine to clear page two and three for a celebration of Beckham, and her style:

The making of an icon
Two years ago, she couldn't get a ticket to a fashion show. Now style insiders are queuing up to buy her clothes. How did that happen? By Hadley Freeman

How indeed? Perhaps that 2006 book Beckham had published under her name might have something to do with, eh, Hadley? You might remember it:
Packed with realistic and practical advice as well as gorgeous photos and illustrations, Victoria will share her personal top tips as well as anecdotes from the fashion world. That extra half an inch will be the ultimate girl’s guide to looking and feeling the best that you can, and learning a bit about fashion as you go along.

That would be the one. It wasn't all Beckham's own work, though, was it?
Victoria will be writing the book with Hadley Freeman. Hadley is an award winning fashion journalist and currently deputy fashion editor of the Guardian and a contributing editor of Vogue.

You might wonder if there's something a little lacking in distance to co-(let's not call it ghost-)write a fashion book with someone one moment, and then hail your partner as a fashion genius a few moments later.