Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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The Creative Review blog explores the process of making life-sized chocolate figurines of Grace Jones, which certainly gives the Lindt bunny a run for its money:

“The original idea was to produce a set of images of Grace being mass-produced but with her being in control of the actual process,” says Hingston. “The crux of the idea is that she has ownership of her identity. We looked at a range of manufacturing processes, from car makers to pottery factories, but there was something about her being made of chocolate that had [the right] connotations.”

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Francis said...

My favourite thing about this story is that the Thorntons factory is in Alfreton, North Derbyshire and apparently Grace Jones was totally baffled as to why the shop floor walkers kept calling her "me duck".

Still - it's better publicity for Thorntons than the last headline they made when the master chocolatier went mental and squashed a load of chocolates in a rival shop!'squishing'.html

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