Sunday, December 07, 2008

Get set for Saint Etienne

Good news from Saint Etienne's MySpace:

new single is Method Of Modern Love, expertly sculpted by Richard X, and it's out on February 9th. It'll be super-limited, and the initial copies will be signed. By us. Or maybe by Mal Evans.

What's more, there's a Cola Boy remix. Honestly.

Then on Feb 16th, not before time, London Conversations will finally be on sale.

Bloody hell... a Cola Boy remix after all this time? Whoever would have thought?

(Although given that Cola Boy stuff was thought to cheesy to be a proper St Et release, wouldn't that create some sort of conundrum that threatens the space-time whatnot if a Saint Etienne release featured them?)

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Olive said...

Marvellous. The Hall & Oates rehabilitation is long overdue. I predict a new album produced by Rick Rubin before next year is out.

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