Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Mail On Sunday launches a record label

Having long churned out covermount albums, and this year having tried giving away brand new albums, the Mail On Sunday has decided the logical next step is to launch its own record label:

Speaking to Music Week, The Mail on Sunday editor, Peter Wright, said: "With a newspaper we are used to making decisions very quickly and turning things around very quickly.

"There are some wonderfully talented people in the music industry, but I think they are a bit traditional in their thinking."

Well, that's undeniable, but I'm not convinced that 'making quick decisions' would be the key skill that you require when running a record label. Still, they're giving it a go.

They're releasing ACM Gospel Choir's Silent Night as a download this week - they really feel it's a contender for number one. A choir singing a carol in December, huh - wow, that's going to show traditionalists in the music industry a thing or two about new ideas.

The Mail will then wrap an AMC Gospel album up with the usual right-wing hate-whispering for a giveaway.


Anonymous said...

Is this just a method of theirs for making news? I mean when it doesn't get to number one will they complain that it was because of political correctness or immigrants or any number of their other lies.

Anonymous said...

"There are some wonderfully talented people in the music industry, but I think they are a bit traditional in their thinking."

Tsk! Right on, Daily Mail. You tell those stuffy traditionalist bastards at the record companies. They're probably the same sort of people who kick up a stink whenever a school suggests putting on something other than a nativity play at Christmas too. All we seem to get from September onwards are press releases from Parlophone and EMI moaning that PC do-gooders are banning Christmas.

Must dash, I've just had an email from Sony BMG - Apparently Peterborough have renamed their Christmas celebrations 'Winter Festival' so that it doesn't offend the Muslims. Need to find my green biro.

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