Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mail uncovers new top-level scandal

Yes, you did feel the ground shake: The Daily Mail has been angered again.

DJs sacked after 'porn star' slur on Des O'Connor's daughter

Uh-oh - who's put their foot in it this time?
Two radio DJs have been sacked after claiming live on air that Des O'Connor's daughter secretly worked as a pornographic actress.

The lack of a mention of the BBC in either headline or first paragraph would suggest that this must be a commercial station - so is it TalkSport? Virgin Radio or whatever it's not being called these days? Johnny Vaughan?
The allegation, which is unfounded, was heard by listeners across the West Midlands after it was broadcast on...

The West Midlands? BRMB, then?
... after it was broadcast on the Birmingham University station Burn FM.

Sorry, who?
Birmingham University station Burn FM.

So, Daily Mail, when you say "listeners across the West Midlands", you neglected to add in the words "a couple of".

Yes, it was a snide thing to say, and unacceptable - but this is a student radio station. Which makes the whole story a little weak. As you must know, Mail, otherwise you might have mentioned "student djs" in the headline.

What are you going after next? Someone being a bit fruity over the PA in a supermarket?


Mike said...

No one listens to Burn FM anyway; was off air all of last year.

Anonymous said...

A university station? Do you think the Mail have somehow managed to get their hands on some sort of complicated software that studies every webstream of every radio station based in the UK just in case one of them says something that they can flag up as "offensive"? Of course, people have tried designing software like this to study The Mail but unfortunately the program tends to overload upon startup.

Tim Footman said...

But they do quote Des O'C saying that the studes might have been influenced by Ross and Brand. So there's another reason for Paul Dacre to thrash the BBC about the cheeks with his tumescent rod of indignation until all the guilty parties drown in an exultant spume of warm, sticky self-righteousness.

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