Friday, December 12, 2008

Mini Liveblog: Mary Margaret O'Hara on Today

Nicola Standbridge catches up with Mary Margaret O'Hara. This is a quick dip in what she had to say:

I kept saying I just want to mix the record I made... it took a long time to get out there.

Why didn't I do any more? I just keep writing.

I always wanted to do Christmas stuff... I didn't want to do a second album... I guess I had my back up from the years it took to do the last one.

I'm not going to write particularlrly disjointed ones... it's just out of my head... it's like 'that's right'... boomp boomp boomp - they say what kind of computer do you have in your head?

I do a lot of live improv... just sounds... whatever it is, you start and it goes. It's fun... I guess gibberish.

People won't go free because they don't hear the freedom [in my music] - some do, some go free.

This is her on stage, doing Bodies In Trouble:

[The interview will appear on the Today page in about an hour or so]

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