Monday, December 15, 2008

Sharon Osbourne really does want Cheryl Cole's job

As if to help re-secure her place in the nation's hearts, Sharon Osbourne is, it's being claimed by E!, doling out some vi-o-lence:

E! News has confirmed that a police investigation has been launched after Osbourne allegedly attacked a contestant on the VH1 show, scratching her face and pulling her hair during a reunion taping on Saturday.

"We know a battery incident is alleged to have occurred on a taping of a reality show Sharon Osbourne hosts," said Los Angeles police spokesman Ben Llewellyn. Llewellyn would not confirm whether a police report had been filed.

Apparently contestant Megan Hauserman had accused Osbourne of being famous solely for managing Ozzy; Mrs Osbourne came up with an inspired way to make herself famous for something else.

The programme is called Rock Of Love Charm School, not that it matters overmuch.

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