Friday, December 05, 2008

Trent Reznor goes a bit Kanye West

Breaking off from lambasting his former label for closing down the planned 3D concert tour, Trent Reznor apologises for going a wee bit Kanye:

This was an amazing tour and production - certainly the best thing I've ever been involved with and likely the final tour for NIN on this scale. Thank you to those that came out to see it and forgive me for having a Kanye West moment, but this was FOR SURE the best show of the year and any bullshit end-of-the-year poll you may read in the next few weeks that says otherwise simply has it wrong. Those of you who saw it know I'm right.

It seems when you go down with a touch of the Kanyes, it can be really hard to fight off the infection.

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Peter S. said...

Reznor? Is he still releasing music?

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