Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Zavvi endings?

Obviously, the timing of the collapse of Zavvi has been sped up by the failure of Woolworths' distribution, but it seems that all that has done is sped the inevitable, rather than brought destruction where there was only light. Even Zavvi's management team seem to tacitly accept that:

The group's founding partners Simon Douglas and Steve Peckham said: "We have done all that is possible to keep the business trading, but the problems encountered with EUK, and particularly its recent failure, have been too much for the business to cope with."

- that there was much else to cope with besides is certainly implied.

It's sad - who wouldn't rather buy music in a shop that at least once used to understand it rather than at Tesco? - and, for the staff, you'd have to hope they can salvage something in the New Year. But nobody who's shopped in a Zavvi since the ugly frontage first appeared on the High Street is going to be that surprised by this one.


Jim W said...

As has increasingly become my wont, I turn to the Daily Mail comments section for analysis.

"I agree with comments about the "Zavvi" name being a terrible choice. I bought something from their online store last month, but was very cautious because they had such an unfamiliar and foreign-sounding name."

Merry Christmas, Simon.

Olive said...

As you say, terrible news for Zavvi's staff, but anybody who worked there and cared about music has long since left the building.

Maybe we're spoilt here in Nottingham but we have Selectadisc and Fopp within 100 metres of Zavvi- I haven't been in for months because I know they either don't stock it and Selectadisc do, or it's cheaper in Fopp.

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