Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Daily Mail has a short memory

While getting agitated with Madonna over her suitcase adverts, the Mail screeches:

Put it away Madonna! Heavily airbrushed singer strikes raunchiest pose ever in latest Louis Vuitton ad

Raunchiest pose ever? Madonna? This would be the Madonna who not only did the Sex book showing her being taken from behind by Vanilla Ice, but also did proper porn when she was younger, would it, Chris Johnson of the Mail?


James said...

Full marks to the Mail though for pointing out the shameful deception through use of the airbrush.

They might like this site.

duckie said...

This truly is a scandal, the photo that the Mail is forced to print showing quite clearly a lady wearing tights and showing her knickers. Further down the same page, a stage photo from her recent cash-sucking tour showing, erm, a lady wearing tights and showing her knickers. Now I understand. Older ladies must not be sexually provocative because it's undignified and disgusting. And the Mail must print every such picture it can find.

duckie said...

BTW I love that Photoshop site James. Fank you.

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