Friday, January 16, 2009

George goes down

As someone - probably on Popbitch - observed: he's not a man without convictions any more.

Boy George has been given a fifteen-month sentence for charges relating to chaining up a bloke in his flat:

Judge Radford said: "Whilst I accept that Mr Carlsen's physical injuries were not serious or permanent, in my view there can be no doubt that your premeditated callous and humiliating handcuffing and detention of Mr Carlsen shocked, degraded and traumatised him.

"He was deprived of his liberty and human dignity without warning or proper explanation to him of its purpose, length or purported justification."
Family and friends react outside the courtroom
The singer's family and friends were angry at the sentence

He also ordered the singer, who had decided not to testify, to pay £5,000 costs.

Still, at least Boy George spared his mother, apparently.

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