Thursday, January 15, 2009

Macca: Always on

There's something almost heartbreakingly needy about Paul McCartney keeping an instrument in his pocket:

BEATLES legend SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY carries a miniature harmonica everywhere he goes, so he can entertain onlookers at the drop of a hat.

He must have been fuming when Cliff got the chance to do an impromptu gig at Wimbledon. I bet he drives round and round Test Match venues when it's cloudy - "if they bring the covers on, I'll nip in and do a quick Band On The Run..."

Macca has used his tiny organ to becalm a child, he claims:
"I was once going through an airport and there was a baby screaming. The mother was having a terrible time. So I went up to the baby and (started playing).

"And the baby just stared at me (open mouthed)."

Yes. Yes, I imagine he did.

Isn't it a little odd that the man who sang on Yesterday, and Twist And Shout, and Live And Let Die, and Spies Like Us, carries a mouthorgan in case he needs to entertain? "Hi, I've sung some of the most famous songs in the world and I'm going to play the harmonica for you." It's like Paul Daniels choosing to juggle.

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Darren H said...

John sang Twist and Shout

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