Saturday, January 10, 2009

Madonna by numbers

Radio 2's recent chart of best-selling Madonna singles in the UK generated an interesting chart captured by Madonnalicious. Amongst the surprises is that 4 Minutes makes it as high as 13; that the execrable Hanky Panky outsold the supreme Dress You Up and Gambler somehow manages to be the 21st best-seller. Which doesn't sound that astonishing until you notice that Ray Of Light - the last great Madonna song, probably ever - is stuck at 25.

The top 5 are as you'd guess, although probably you'd have trouble settling on the order:

#5 - Papa Don't Preach
#4 - Crazy For You
#3 - Holiday
#2 - Like A Virgin
#1 - Into The Groove

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget to factor in that this is about singles sales and that lead off singles in shops before an album will usually always sell more than tracks lifted after the fact from an already available album.

Had Ray Of Light been the launch track for the album rather than Frozen then you could expect to see it a lot higher up.

Still pretty grim reading though.

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