Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Duff and Duffier: That Coke ad again

Sorry to return to the Duffy Diet Coke ad, but it's just appeared online:

It's even worse when you can see it, isn't it?

There's even more "explanation" of the "concept" on the Creative Review blog:

“It used to be about girls using their breaks to ogle construction workers, but now they’ve got better things to do than sit around and wait for semi-naked men,” says Jonny Ng, creative on the ad. “Diet Coke’s now about inspiring women to take control and do the right thing for themselves.”

Wow. It's not about making you a little less thirsty, then?
Duffy was chosen for the ad because “she’s the epitome of the Diet Coke girl”, continues Ng. “Aspirational, ambitious but knows when to duck out and do her own thing. In the ad she celebrates taking a moment to herself by belting out Sammy Davis Jr.’s ‘I’ve got to be me’.”

She celebrates "taking a moment to herself"? Does Ng actually listen to himself when he's saying stuff like this?

And if she's so busily "doing her own thing", how come she's caving into the demands of society by 'dieting' with a Diet Coke? Huh?

Actually, it looks like she's stolen a bicycle and is celebrating that. Diet Coke: The choice for bicycle thieves.