Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Erasure: Vince Clarke and Andy Bell fill out a package

You'd have to be made of flint to not enjoy at least some of Erasure's fine poppy moments, and those moments have been gathered into a four-disc box set. The music, yes, is exciting, but even more exciting is disc four - a DVD of BBC appearances. And, yes, there's Top Of The Pops stuff in there - but more. Oh, so much more:

01. Sometimes -­ Top Of The Pops
02. It Doesn't Have To Be -­ The Tom O'Connor Roadshow
03. Victim Of Love -­ Daytime Live
04. The Circus -­ Daytime Live
05. Ship Of Fools -­ Wogan
06. Chains Of Love -­ Top Of The Pops
07. A Little Respect -­ Going Live!
08. Stop! -­ Top Of The Pops
09. Chorus ­- Wogan
10. Love To Hate You -­ Top Of The Pops
11. Am I Right? - Top Of The Pops
12. Breath Of Life -­ Top Of The Pops
13. Who Needs Love (Like That) -­ Top Of The Pops
14. Always -­ Top Of The Pops
15. Run To The Sun -­ Top Of The Pops
16. I Love Saturday -­ Smash Hits Poll Winner's Party
17. Stay With Me -­ Pebble Mill
18. Fingers And Thumbs (Cold Summer's Day) -­ Pebble Mill
19. Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me -­ Top Of The Pops
20. Solsbury Hill -­ Top Of The Pops
21. Breathe -­ Top Of The Pops
22. Top Of The Pops 2 Special
23. Sometimes -­ Tom O'Connor Roadshow
24. How Many Times? -­ The Late Show
25. Miracle -­ Later with Jools Holland
26. Because You're So Sweet -­ Later With Jools Holland
27. Oh L'Amour -­ Promotional Video

The sweetest nuggets have got to be the clips from Tom O'Connor's Roadshow. A smidge of the performance has been teased up onto the YouTube:

Ah, if only they'd included Tom's snow-covered opening title sequence, complete with the annoyed waving of hands at the engine of the broken-down Roadshow mobile...


James said...

Looks aces :) Sad though to see it won't include the first time I saw them on TV - The Saturday Superstore (or possibly Going Live) Jukebox Jury-type slot, where three guests were invited to pass judgement on pop videos. Noel Edmonds wasn't impressed with the promo for 'Sometimes', grumbling that it was irresponsible to show someone playing an electric instrument in the rain.

He was right. As a young, impressionable child I went straight out and attempted a theremin solo in a monsoon.

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