Saturday, February 07, 2009

Gordon in the morning: High-level talks

It's clearly true that Victoria Beckham has flown from America to Europe. It's well known that David Beckham is keen to start playing for a proper football team again. The rest of Gordon's man Richard White's report this morning is surely at best overwrought:

Posh jets in for talks on Becks’ Milan plan

VICTORIA BECKHAM jetted in from Los Angeles yesterday to be reunited with hubby DAVID to discuss his possible permanent transfer to AC Milan.

Well, yes, they'll probably talk about it. But jets in for talks? He's thinking about changing teams, not deploying troops. Visits her husband, perhaps?

Meanwhile, Gordon himself is thrilled to have the "video exclusive" of the U2 video:
BONO and the boys have chosen my website to premiere the vid for new single Get On Your Boots.

You might, of course, have also seen it elsewhere on the internet yesterday. Like on Interscope's website, for example.

Still, what Interscope don't have is a simplistic video explained in even more simplistic terms:
I had no idea what any of it means, but luckily guitarist THE EDGE was on hand to explain.

He says: "The video is based around the idea that men have fucked things up so badly, politically, economically and socially, that it's really time we handed things over to women.

"The finished video is brilliant. Alex really nailed it."

I'm not certain, but I think this might be the first video which is based on The Worm That Turned from The Two Ronnies.

But is Gordon and his team starting to get embarrassed about running "news stories" which are basically puffs for actual news stories, given to magazines by the sort of genuine celebrity who won't talk to The Sun? Today's piece on Liv Tyler, for example, merely credits the copying of chunks of text from a fashion magazine to a "staff reporter".

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