Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gordon in the morning: How marketing works

There's not much evidence of Gordon in Gordon's pages today as the Oscars coverage turns up - instead, there's way, way too much about Elton John's party, including plans to honour Kate Beckinsale with a Pot Noodle. Apparently she said she'd like one during the party. Slim, perhaps, but enough for marketing guys to swing into action:

Pot Noodle Flavour Development Manager, Grahame Walker, said: “We’re always on the look out for ideas for new flavours so when Miss Beckinsale announced her love for Pot Noodles we just had to make one in her honour.

“Steak & BeckinsALE is just like Kate – classically British and a tasty little number.”

Yes, The Sun is reduced to interviewing the bloke who makes up Pot Noodle as part of its Oscars coverage.

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