Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Valuing the Brand

If there's one thing we can be sure about with The Sun, it's that it isn't impressed with Russell Brand. Last October, The Sun Says outrageditorial fumed:

It says a lot, in these days of routine F-words and sex jibes, that serial offenders Brand and Ross have outraged even their own fans.

Even their own fans - who, clearly, are people who have very, very low moral standards - even they have had enough. The paper might even have suggested Brand delivered disgusting stupidity on air.

It's good that a newspaper can take a firm, moral position and... sorry, Gordon? What did you say?
RUSSELL BRAND is making his radio comeback hosting a football show with pal NOEL GALLAGHER.

It will be Russell’s return to the airwaves since quitting his BBC Radio 2 show in October after making prank calls to Fawlty Towers star ANDREW SACHS.

But... isn't Brand known for his disgusting stupidity? Wasn't Andrew Sachs - what was the phrase? - "held in affection by millions worldwide for his priceless role as Manuel"?

Luckily, even Gordon knows a 180 when he makes one on his paper's behalf:
Swordsman Russell apologised and fell on his, erm, sword after the Sachsgate scandal where he and JONATHAN ROSS left messages on Andrew’s answerphone about his fling with the actor’s granddaughter GEORGINA BAILLIE.

But I reckon he has served his time and personally I am pleased to hear his unique style back on the wireless.

Oh. So, somehow, that whole firestorm last October - all we needed was to wait a couple of months and everything would be forgotten and forgiven, huh? Although somehow not for Jonathan Ross, who didn't seem to have served his time when he returned.

And, yes, let's just pretend that Noel Gallagher's name wasn't mentioned there, shall we?