Friday, February 06, 2009

Highlight of the Grammys dropped from running order

Bah. Coldplay have appointed lawyers to deal with the 'copying songs of someone else' problem, and so Joe Satriani's lawyers won't now need to serve papers on them during the Grammys ceremony.

Still, at least CBS can be a bit more relaxed about when they cut to commercials.


Max Gattie said...

Coldplay have an easy way out of this: donate the song's publishing to charity. Do it retroactively, so that earnings to date are also passed to the charity. Then Mr Satriani's action is against Barnardo's, or whatever, instead of Coldplay.

It's not like Coldplay need the money. Unless, that is, Chris Martin is desperate to fund his private jet flights to visit the starving in Africa.

Peter S. said...


Now I have all evening free!

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