Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Pete Doherty: What I think is...

There's nothing inherently wrong with inviting Pete Doherty to give a lecture, as The University Philosophical Society of Dublin has done. Providing, of course, there's a good reason for it, and it isn't just some ill-defined ramblings designed to draw attention to the society without adding much to the sum of human knowledge.

The Phil will be holding the infamous Pete Doherty to talk life, love and much more. Come for a taste of what a rock 'n roll (hopefully minus the sex and drugs) lifestyle entails and if you have any burning questions to ask, bring those too!

Although 'what's it all about, then?' might be an unwelcome intrusion.

At least Dolores O'Riordan - who is doing a session there this week - is going to sing some songs rather than just delivering an opinion-purge on an unknown subject.


Olive said...

"The Phil have invited Pete Doherty to come along and shout at his invisible friends who live in the radiator, before slumping to the floor, crying and wetting himself. Please feel free to come and poke him with sticks."

Hannah said...

Okay you cynics. I thought i'd have a word in.

I was an member of The Phil when I was in college. I use to love going to their debates and speakers and stuff (or at least knowing there was always stuff going on that they were organising) This organisation is run by hard working students who do some pretty remarkable things (considering their ages).

The society caters to the taste of the students of Trinity College, the students who run it do some pretty amazing things (Al Pacino came! Ruth Ginsberg! John McCain came! The have weekly debates on all kinda things! Last year they even had a freaking massive performance of Oscar Wilde's trials.)

Back off from these hard working students and leave them alone! Have a look at their website and you'll see that the same day as Doherty, Hernando De Soto (one of the worlds most brilliant economists) is going to be giving an address. The week after that Valéry Giscard D'Estaing (former priminister of France!) is giving a paper on the EU.

I don't see many other students getting off their arses to do impressive thing like that.

Stop being so bleeding judgemental. There basically kids, they deserve a bit of congrats rather than criticism. If you're not interested don't go!

If they want to invite Pete Doherty, let them invite Pete Doherty! There target audience is the students of Trinity College! not you!

Go Phil!

Olive said...

Thank you Hannah, for telling us who Hernando De Soto and Valéry Giscard D'Estaing are.

DarrenH said...

I'm sorry Hannah but I'm going to have to revoke your exclamation mark rights for the rest of the year. Harsh, I know...

WE ARE said...
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WE ARE said...

Hannah, I believe the criticism is more to do with inviting someone like Pete Doherty (a man who used to charge 'fans' a tenner to get into his flat and watch him play a few incoherent songs; only to have the proceeds smouldering in tin foil as soon as the last lucky guest had left, lest we forget) along to give a talk.

What on earth could this person possibly talk to students about, in terms of provoking thought and furthering themselves?

At least Hernando De Soto might do balloon animals.

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