Saturday, February 28, 2009

U2: The distance between myth and fact

According to

U2 brought London to a standstill tonight (February 27) after performing a surprise rooftop gig.

If you watch the footage on BBC Red Button, you'll note two things: first, that Broadcasting House roof is a pointless place to play a gig as it's too high for anyone to see what's going on there.

The second is that the traffic looks really pretty from on high as it... well, continues to flow down on the ground.

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Anonymous said...

Is "surprise" the correct word to use when you're doing it on the BBC roof with cameras filming you for their interactive service presumably with complete permission from everyone involved? In fact, wouldn't the correct word to use be "contrived"? I don't think they're going to get arrested doing it. Still, it's good to see U2 being original by repeating what they did almost 22 years ago when the police actually did stop it because of concern for traffic (and quicker than the video liked to claim). Let's face it, it wasn't even particularly original then (even if, rather reluctantly, I have to admit that I still like the bloody song)

(Ok fair enough, I don't actually think they're claiming it to be "original" but... well... I've got to moan at something about it that isn't just "Well, it hardly contravenes health and safety regulations")

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