Saturday, February 28, 2009

Virgin Megastores: Now we are three

Tick, tick, tick: Virgin Megastores shrink further in the US, with more closures announced. The chain will now consist of just three stores, and you wouldn't put bets on them lasting much longer, either.


Anonymous said...

update please!

Anonymous said...

Simon, it's been a while; people are beginning to worry. Hope you're well and able. If you are, in fact, down with flu, drink white tea, stay horizontal, and don't kiss your pets. You you are well: good for you - take a holiday. Stay in bed with TV, yoga, whatever you need to regroup. If you don't update within 36 hours, the evil internet vigilante posse will be contacted, your address retrieved and the police called,


Correspondent said...

Simon, call home.

Spence said...

I agree with Look.

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