Saturday, March 14, 2009

Barbara Dickson hurt not to be asked back

This year, Scotland is holding a huge series of homecoming events, which the Scottish parliament seems to think will underline how talented the nation is, but in effect just points up how many people can't wait to flee as soon as they get a bit of success.

Someone, though, forgot to invite Barbara Dickson:

She said: "Homecoming? I've never been asked to come home. I wasn't invited to participate in anything to do with launching that. I never even got an invitation to the opening of the parliament."

How surprising that they would have even thought of opening a parliament without inviting the woman who did Pearls A Singer. Oh, hang on, that was Elkie, wasn't it?

Dickson also tuts over the state of Scotland's music:
"In Scotland, it's vital that young folk are playing the fiddle and the box and that people sing. It keeps the music alive. The country needs its culture."

Dickson was talking from her home in Lincolnshire.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the Scottish parliament's (read: SNP's) idea of Scottish talent is going on endlessly about a poet born 250 years ago (at the expense of any contemporary literary talent) and passing parliamentary motions about AUSTRALIAN band AC/DC. The whole homecoming nonsense is just a way of trying to make themselves look good by rebranding well established annual events. A total joke but then I'm not surprised. Still, on the plus side, at least they didn't invite bloody Barbara Dickson back!

James said...

She shouldn't feel shunned. I heard the only reason they didn't invite her was because Ronnie Corbett was double-booked. You can't have a Barbara Dickson performance without him popping up first and saying "Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Barbara Dickson". It'd be like going to see late-nineties Oasis and not having Paul Weller wander on at some point.

Anonymous said...

Barbara Dickson is probably one of the finest singers that Scotland has ever produced and with a return to her folk roots she is now making some of the best music of her career. Its sad that such a wonderful artist should be be the focus of ignorance and small minded resentment. She should have been number one on the guestlist for the Homecoming!!

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