Friday, March 27, 2009

Duffy has 'ad it

Sadly, Duffy decided to wait until everyone had seen the eye-poking terror of her 'bicycling off to get some Diet Coke with a look of terror on my face' advert. If only she'd decided that doing adverts wasn't really her before, eh?

"I have only got 100 per cent to give and all of that goes towards being creative, so I can't really open the doors to all the other things.

"I have so many desires creatively, but I have to tread carefully that I also don't sell myself out personally.

"What you see with me is what you get. I just put my whole energy into the creative side."

Presumably, the lack of even the most stubborn stain of creativity in that Diet Coke ad means that she didn't feel it would eat into that 100%.


Joris said...

bicycling off to get some Diet Coke

that's thing I don't understand about the ad. she *gets* a can of coke from the woman at the venue. for some reason taking two sips of coke makes her get on a bike and cycle 'round the supermarket without buying *anything*. she cycles back empty handed. why??

simon h b said...

The aspartame affects the balance of her mind, and the caffeine leaves her with a nervous energy buzz she has to burn off. (I am not, I should point out, a food scientist, so this is my best guess).

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