Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gordon in the evening: Printing made-up stuff

Thanks to Toby B who posted a link on this weekend's Gordon round-up which reveals not only was Gordon's story about Pete Doherty writing a drama for the BBC made-up, but it appears Gordon knew it was made-up before he published it:

I asked for the the BBC to confirm or deny if i) Pete Doherty is or isn't going to be writing/co-writing, or in negotiations with regards to writing a drama for the BBC and if ii) The Sun or Gordon Smart of the The Sun knew the story to be untrue before publishing it (if the story is untrue, obviously).

And a spokesman for the BBC confirmed that i) Pete Doherty isn't going to be writing a drama for them and ii)

They [The Sun] had our response in advance but didn't put it in.

Perhaps after coming up with "rich vein" joke he just didn't want to spike the story.

Still, at least we can all believe that Smart really went to the Groucho with Spandau Ballet. We've seen how bad his team's attempts at photoshop are, so that has to be a genuine photo.

[UPDATE: Apologies to Toby for mistakenly morphing him into a Tony when I posted this last night.]

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Toby Bryans said...

If that was from my comment here. Then it's Toby B, thank you ;-).

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