Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Horses must pay for their music. They like Celine Dion.

I might have been a little too hard on the PRS over the last couple of weeks - it turns out they do have art at their heart. Indeed, their latest antics demonstrate that, far from being a cash-hungry intellectual property organisation, they see themselves more as a dadaesque art group, launching humourous stunts.

After all, no serious organisation would issue demands that a woman pay for playing the radio to horses, would they? Clearly, the PRS is just moving in an absurdist fashion.

Their actual argument (let's dignify them with such a description) is that the two people who work with Rosemary Greenway might hear the radio as well - that the tunes are only on to soothe the horses cut no ice with the PRS:

A spokeswoman for the society said: "Of course, we don't ask people to pay for music played to animals.

"Mrs Greenway was only asked to pay for music played for staff, like any other workplace."

For, after all, the PRS are reasonable people.

You know, it's funny - on the fairplayforcreators.com site, the PRS puts into its supporter's mouths the suggestion that you should ignore the actual economic arguments in the battle between the royalty collection firm and Google because Google is a large company, and therefore must simply be morally in the wrong. By that logic - even if we ignore the time and effort being put into making horses pay for their music - doesn't the PRS have to be morally in the wrong for hassling a three-person outfit?

[Thanks to Mike E for the story]

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