Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jackson: You don't say say say

Panting breathlessly, the Mirror's Tom Bryant announces an exclusive:

The Daily Mirror has seen the setlist the King of Pop has handed to AEG Live, who run London’s O2 Arena where he will play a residency in July.

Yes, it turns out that Jackson's greatest hits show will feature Michael Jackson doing greatest hits.

Aware that this might be less-than-surprising, the paper then drags in Scott Mills, off the Lottery Draw show, to "comment" on each track. No, really. Not only does the paper think you might need someone to comment on Thriller, as if you've not heard it a billion times before, but they thought the best person to do so would be Scott Mills.

Prepare to cut-out-and-keep:
Billie Jean

- This has one of the best base lines I've ever heard in my life.

Wanna be startin' somethin

- Excellent opening of the classic Thriller album. Wicked choice.

Rock with you

- Slow funky classic that rates among his best.

The way you make me feel

- Best intro to a Jacko song (apart from Thriller!) Top one Michael.

Don't stop till you get enough

- The ultimate disco anthem. I can never get enough of this one.

I just can't stop loving you

- One for the ladies and romantics in the audience

Human Nature

- One of Thriller's slower moments but well worth including in the list

Smooth criminal

- One of my favourite Jacko videos and songs too


- Very much a filler from Off The Wall. Not for me.

Man in the Mirror

- Loving it when the gospel kicks in. Lets hope he gets a full choir involved.

Beat it

- What an incredible guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen. Get him over to the UK!

One day in your life

- Early Jackson that was a bigger hit here than in the UK. Good one to get in.

Heal the World

- Michael's one-man Band Aid.

Remember the time

- Not his finest hour but will appeal to some I reckon.

You are not alone

- Written for Jacko by R Kelly but don't let that put you off. Still a popular one to have.


- Possibly the best group dance routine ever. Let's see if he can do it all on stage again in the summer

Look, the Mirror says it's Scott Mills and it didn't just cut and paste comments off YouTube videos. It's not entirely clear where the "here" that Mills reckons One Day In Your Life was a bigger hit in that the UK. Or, indeed, why Mills seemed to be talking more about the videos or recorded versions than if they're going to work in a large tent.

Michael Jackson is expected to repay the compliments by commenting on all of Scott Mills links today; he's going to do it on Twitter or something. "This prank phone call is spot-on - Scott is hilarious"


jona said...

Billie Jean

- This has one of the best base lines I've ever heard in my life.

Surely it was Billie Jean King who had one of the best baseline, erm, serves 'Scott' has ever seen in his life.

ade said...

" of the best BASE lines..."

Good old Scott Mills. Perhaps he thinks it has a great 'focal' performance too.

How can a man that works in a profession that's linked so closely with music be so utterly clueless about music?

Then again, he's really skilled at getting people to send him links to things on the internet and then telling us about them on his show.

duckie said...

I was going to comment on this when I suddenly realised that "Scott Mills" has already said it all. And to think I'd forgotten what Heal The World was all about. Thanks Scott!

Mat said...

'Base line' is a typographical term. Maybe that's what Scott was thinking of.

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