Monday, March 30, 2009

Nike: The BNP of the plimsole industry

Just as the BNP might not really have thought through the implications of putting leftist agit-popsters songs about fighting Fascists on their - sorry, not their, their supporter's propoganda, did Nike really think through choosing Run by Gnarls Barkley to promote their pumps?

Admittedly, the shoe people have started the song from the third verse, missing out the bit which sparks off the 'are they singing about drugs or Bill Wyman style inappropriate sex?' debates, but that somehow makes it all the more puzzling - "if we use this song, people might think we're suggesting that our sweatsocks are somehow connected to exploiting children, which is something that Nike can't be associated with, so let's just pretend the first couple of verses aren't there, shall we? Then everyone will think it's a happy song about running, right?"